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The City of University Heights is a great place to live and raise a family.  However, there are areas for improvement.  Below are a list of goals I've set out for the next few years.  I welcome input from our residents, businesses and city leaders!

Our Safety As a Top Priority

A major concern on my constituents' minds is their safety!  There's no question that crime has increased.  Our Fire/EMT has seen cuts to programs, staffing, and training.  Unfortunately, all staffing levels falls on the administration, not the council.  However, I will be a strong voice and champion for the city to "reset" our safety programs.

Elevate Property Values

Following the great recession, home values in University Heights have remained relatively stagnant, while neighboring cities have seen steady growth.  Through thoughtful policy, we can directly improve our home values.  I believe the following will recruit and retain families in our city and can contribute to the growth that is much needed:

Invest In Our Neighborhoods

University Heights isn't known as the "City of Beautiful Homes" by coincidence.  As an architect, I can tell you that we have a very unique, well-maintained, and charming housing stock.  However, the same isn't always the same for the City's contribution.  On Council, I have fought for:

Implement Our Master Plan

Over the last few years, I served on the Master Planning Committee, the NOACA Bike/Pedestrian Friendly Lane Committee, and the new Zoning Code Steering Committee.  As part of these planning committees, I know it's time to refresh our community and understand how to get it done.

Let the City Work For Us

I hear from residents and businesses that it can often be difficult to do construction work in our city.  For the taxes we pay, we need a building department that is accountable to the people, not ignore our requests.

Lower Our Income Taxes

As a councilmember, I'm proud we were able to keep our city's spending on budget!  In fact, we had a $2.5 million surplus last year alone.  This was a very responsible use of your tax dollars.  However, out of the 279 RITA municipalities, University Heights has the highest income tax rate in the State of Ohio.  Over the last year, I have argued the need to use our surplus to benefit every resident, or to give the money back.

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